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A 3 day old calf taking a rest.

Cattle are the most common type of mammal that is raised as livestock for meat (beef and veal) and dairy (milk and other dairy products). As large ruminants, cattle are able to acquire nutrients from plant based food sources that humans cannot. 

Today, cattle are the basis of a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Australian cattle production ranks first in the total value of production within the nation. Therefore, the management and handling of cattle (both dairy and beef) is crucial in a world highly dependent on their products.

Work through the following cattle modules and then take the quiz at the end:

Module Content

Restrain cattle

2 Examine cattle
3 Cattle field of vision and flight zones

There are several other important skills you should be aware of – how many of these do you know?

  • Estimate cattle live weight
  • Muster cattle
  • Identify cattle breeds
  • Assess milk quality
  • Trim Feet
  • Vaccinating Cattle
  • Drenching Cattle
  • Hand Milk
  • Mastitis Test
  • Machine Milking

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